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At Avenue, we are looking for leaders. Leaders who can develop themselves, their colleagues, and most importantly their clients, who we are here to serve and support. Leaders bring passion and genuine enthusiasm to their role and work they create. This passion and desire brings positive energy and contributes to accomplishing the extraordinary.

We know that nothing good comes easy. And, that success will require hard work. But we're OK with that. Because the longer term achievement and feedback is exhilarating and will always out way the short term exhaustion of a deadline. What's important to us is that we are creating something, something of value, something that gives back satisfaction. And we do it as a team, where friendship and support provides a sense of belonging and common purpose. 

It is possible to create a leading paid media agency with work-life-balance at its core, where our people work reasonable hours, and can develop and flourish. It's why we collaborate with colleagues and clients from our central office locations; creating, planning, analysing, and socialising, but also encourage remote work for deeper thinking and productivity. It's this combination that enables us to produce our best work.

With all this in mind, here are our values and the qualities we look for in our team:

/ Adventurous

We look for people who embrace adventure and are open to new experiences and ideas, both in and outside of their work. People who are driven by a sense of curiosity and want to aim high with their achievements. Adventurous people are open to challenges and the positives exploring and testing new approaches can bring. Being adventurous is a hugely unifying quality.

/ Conscientious 

We look for people who are conscientious, who are self starts and want to do their very best in everything they turn their hand to. Conscientious people are driven, reliable, well organised and rigorous in how they apply themselves. With humility and an inner desire, conscientious people keep striving for forward growth, knowing they are only as good as their last achievement. Being conscientious means you are principled and meticulous.

/ Leadership

We work with ambitious companies who themselves have become leaders in their industries. And in turn, they come to us for leadership and direction on how to embrace new challenges head on. Leadership also means team work, and being effective as group, be it in work, sport, community, or other fields of collaboration. Being a leader is about helping other people succeed, inspiring and uniting them behind a common purpose, and being accountable for it.

/ Imaginative

We look for people who have a natural curiosity, and who are capably of crafting inventive new solutions. With a growth mindset, imagination can be used to solve fun challenges not dry problems, enabling passion and optimism to flow to through to an energetic remedy. Being imaginative means you are forward thinking bringing new ideas and quick intelligence. 

/ Supportive 

We look for people that have a contagious passion and genuine enthusiasm about their role and work they create with the people around them. This passion and desire brings positive energy and contributes to accomplishing the extraordinary, sometimes in the face of adversity. Being supportive, means you have the desire to take pleasure from others achievements, which breathes humility.




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