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Effective use of feeds and shopping requires feed generation, feed optimisation, feed management and feed automation. We automate data harnessing and quickly deliver reliable and comprehensive structured data from your website. With your data feed being updated daily with stock, sizes and price levels, your shopping campaigns produce effective in bound converting revenue.

This is how we do it

Fully managed and comprehensive shopping campaigns

Well managed shopping campaigns typically generate high ROI for brands, due to the nature of their targeted and visual appeal, putting the product and price right in front of the customer.

We work with numerous well known retail brands supporting the feeds and shopping campaigns. 

If you would like to find our more about our campaigns or would like to invite Avenue to discuss a brief, please get in touch on 0203 745 6400.

Shopping Work

Our work is highly effective as a way of bringing a retail offering to the masses, with high impact creative and up to date product information.

  1. Insight

    We use a collaboration of data and behavioural sciences to gain powerful insight to understand business objectives across all areas of digital marketing. The output of deep insight is a coherent and targeted digital marketing strategy.

  2. Ideas

    Creative ideas are the backbone of what we do. Coming up with the market leading brand concepts, existing frontend interfaces for customer engagement and digital marketing campaigns working across multi device and omni channel markets. 

  3. Impact

    Our drive ensures our work has market impact. Measuring campaign results and analytics and reporting, we're inspired to push the possible yet further.

Google Shopping 

Google Shopping is the most used shopping channel to date, proving effective to brands selling products online. One of the keys to success is relevancy, ensure your product is more appealing and relevant to the search request than the others brands competing in the channel. The higher the relevancy, then the higher the success.

Bing Shopping

Bing Shopping is getting ever more popular, as its cost efficiency and opportunities that creates, are being coming clearer. Bing Shopping allows campaigns to reach a whole set of different audience types and should be considered as part of all successful retail campaigns.

Facebook Feeds 

Facebook has its own equivalent of shopping feeds known as Dynamic Product Advertising (DPA). As with Bing Shopping, advertising products directly in Facebook via a feed is the ideal way to get products targeted to user groups within Facebook, quickly and cost effectively.


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