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When managed by a leading London Agency, PPC is one of the most profitable and scalable digital marketing channels. It offers instant and measurable results with demonstrable return on investment.

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At Avenue, we bring our four step approach PPC, ensuring clients are driving acquisitions and revenue. Our four step process features PPC Strategy, PPC Activation, PPC Management, and PPC Reporting

Our International clients span a range of sectors, and our approach is geared to deliver globally.

If you would like to find our more about our PPC services or would like to invite Avenue to discuss a brief, please get in touch on 0203 745 6400.

PPC Work

Our work always channels the same methodology regardless of vertical sector, where performance and results are understood, are bench-marked and then driven forward with passion and pragmatism.  Our expertise and knowledge has been built across sectors that include retail, travel, finance, professional services, automotive and the not-for-profit space.

  1. Insight

    We use a collaboration of data and behavioural sciences to gain powerful insight to understand business objectives across all areas of digital marketing. The output of deep insight is a coherent and targeted digital marketing strategy.

  2. Ideas

    Creative ideas are the backbone of what we do. Coming up with the market leading brand concepts, existing frontend interfaces for customer engagement and digital marketing campaigns working across multi device and omni channel markets. 

  3. Impact

    Our drive ensures our work has market impact. Measuring campaign results and analytics and reporting, we're inspired to push the possible yet further.



At the outset, our four step approach to PPC is to understand your business objectives and challenges. We are well versed in looking at strategies to help drive traffic and revenue both from a local, national and an International model.

As a senior PPC team, experience has taught us how to structure effective campaigns and ad groups that optimise for best practice performance. Under performing campaigns waste budget and miss revenue opportunities. 

As you would expect we are a certified Google Partner and Double Click partner, and according to Google are out performing our competitor agencies by way of client campaigns and results. 


Google AdWords 

We are a Google Partner

We have a long standing relationship as a Google Certified AdWords Partner, working across search, display and shopping. AdWords remains the default and market leading network for paid search marketing, delivering clear and measurable ROI for brands.  We meet with Google regularly to discuss client accounts and performance, and are consistent rewarded as being a leading agency by way of what we achieve for clients against other agencies in our quadrant.

Our Approach to Google AdWords

AdWords is an ideal platform to help clients grow their revenue.  Over their years, we have developed a successful four step approach to AdWords; Strategy, Activation,. Management, and Reporting. This approach with a cautious approach to growing accounts, meaning clients budgets are protected while maximising the opportunities for the best returns and account and revenue growth.

Google AdWords is the Foundation

Google as the market leader in search, is the ideal platform to launch any paid search campaign, before building out into Display Advertising and Google Shopping to help build brand awareness and generate new market opportunities.



Targeted Remarketing

With remarketing, the most can be made of conversion opportunities by targeting visitors who have previously visited your website. At Avenue Digital we look at two main channels of remarketing, Google AdWords via the GDN (Google Display Network) and Facebook.

As remarketing involves serving adverts to prospective customers who have already visited your website, it creates very targeted opportunities where we can bid up or down on the message subject to where the visitor is in the conversion funnel. While combining remarketing with display, it also makes for one of the most cost effective and performance effective channels.

Website Remarketing 

Remarketing is a great technique for targeting customers who have visited your website but have left before making a purchase or conversion, such as an abandoned basket, or contact form. Remarketing serves adverts to prospective customers who have left your website, via creative adverts on the Google Display Network, encouraging them to reconsider your product or service offering.  These remarketing reminders prompt revisits and helps conversion growth. 


RLSAS is remaketing lists for search adverts, allowing us  to serve effective text based adverts to visitors who have already been to your website.  In addition, promotional offers can be presented within search to your loyal customers and audiences. These PPC tactics, such as RLSAS and remarketing enable Avenue Digital to be effective with your budget and fulling optimise campaign performance.

Social Media Remarketing

Social Media Remarketing works in conjunction with Display Remarketing and RLSAS, where display adverts are presented within the social networks like Facebook and You Tube to visitors who have visited your website on previous occasions. Social Media remaketing is highly effective and cost efficient with the media budget due to its highly targeted nature.

In addition to targeting visors who have a;already been to your website within social media, we can also use social media to prospect people who are similar to your audience type, further increasing brand awareness and new reach.



Bing for Cost Savings

Bing, now representing 25% of the search landscape, has an growing proposition where typically adverts are achieved at a lower costs, and quite often to a more affluent and older demographic due to it being the default browser on many PC purchases. In addition its the default search engine as part of IE, Yahoo and XBOX. As such, while we always promote AdWords above Bing in terms of priority, it is the perfect platform to complement and build our AdWords campaigns 

Our Approach to Bing

Bing presents customers with additional opportunities to AdWords, allowing for highly targeted and cost efficient media buying, and as such it is typically used where campaigns are targeting a very specific type of audience. 

Cost Efficiency 

Bing, as the growing search engine, currently second to Google, offers a lower CPC and hence presents a good location to place a proportion of media budget. Bing allows for budgets to be scaled gradually while increasing target reach due to its cost efficiency.

Image extensions

One of Bing' unique features is image extensions, where images are placed along side search adverts.  The visual nature of these image extensions allows visitors be be targeted with compelling and persuasive imagery, which aids the appetite for conversion.  In addition, the client brand message and position, and product can be conveyed, creating fantastic ROI for retailers and ecommerce based businesses. 

Voice Search 

The likes of Amazon Echo and other voice activated house hold appliances, is quickly elevating the importance the voice search will play in our every lives. Bing are leading the charge in developing its voice based capability, providing brands with a way of being early to the voice search movement.  


Feeds & Shopping 

Ideal for Retail and Ecommerce 

Well manged shopping feeds allow for up to date and effective placements of retail products within the likes of Google Shopping and Bing Shopping, thus presenting a visual and attractive way of present a retailing offer to customers. Shopping feeds and adverts create a way of allowing brands products to be presented to audiences at a time where they are looking to make a purchase. A well optimised feed translates to a greater number of impressions, a higher click through rate, and ultimately a higher level of revenue and growth.

Our approach to Feeds & Shopping 

Platforms have a varying number of setup options regarding feeds available, but an effective Shopping campaign requires the feeds to be well defined and set up correctly to perform. We review your feed and ascertain and present any fixes that are required.

Once the feed is set up correctly, additional feed attributes can be added to aid prominence in the SERP's.

With the feed in place, feed optimisation and refinement can take place to ensure messaging, imagery, and descriptions are as effective as they can be to aid a conversion.

Google Shopping 

Google Shopping is the most used shopping channel to date, proving effective to brands selling products online. One of teh keys to success is relevancy, ensure your product is more appealing and relevant to the search request than the others brands competing in the channel. The higher the relevancy, then the higher the success.

Bing Shopping

Bing Shopping is getting ever more popular, as its cost efficiency and opportunities that creates, are being coming clearer. Bing Shopping allows campaigns to reach a whole set of different audience types and should be considered as part of all successful retail campaigns.

Facebook Feeds 

Facebook has its own equivalent of shopping feeds known as Dynamic Product Advertising (DPA). As with Bing Shopping, advertising products directly in Facebook via a feed is the ideal way to get products targeted to user groups within Facebook, quickly and cost effectively.




Yes we offer a number of Adwords training programs in London, ranging from understanding the basics on our PPC Standard Training Course, more comprehensive and tactical techniques on our advanced PPC Advance Training Course, as well as our bespoke training courses where our expert PPC team trainers will come and provide training in your office, making it specific and relevant to your business and sector.




Yes, we are always on the lookout for talented PPC personnel to join our expanding paid search department in our Sevenoaks office, at all levels, Interns, Executives, Managers, Seniors and Directors. If you are passionate about delivering best practice expertise in a measurable and forward thinking approach, then we want to hear from you. For more information please visit our Careers section.

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