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Paid Social Media Advertising

Paid social is an important part of any digital marketing campaign, where the possibility of maximising targeted ad creative and brand communication is unrivalled as a channel.

At Avenue, our approach is to apply best practice and well optimised techniques to drive revenue and acquisition. As our expertise is both global and multilingual, we can drive complex multi-territory campaigns across any market. 

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  • Facebook Advertising

    Facebook is still a highly effective and cost-efficient channel, enabling highly targeted ad placements to engaged audiences, usually, but not always within the B2C market. Highly advanced targeting options, but at a cheaper cost per click than traditional search.

  • Instagram Advertising

    Now Facebook-owned, Instagram continues to evolve its advertising channel, allowing for visually creative and engaging video content, as well as static brand imagery. Instagram is fast becoming the more trusted channel for consumer audiences, releasing greater advertising potential.

  • LinkedIn Advertising

    Whilst Facebook largely caters for B2C audiences, LinkedIn offers a hugely successful channel to reach B2B audiences with highly targeted and effective paid social campaigns. Audiences can be reached via job title, location, seniority and company name.

  • Twitter Advertising

    Advertising successfully in Twitter is an evolving challenge, due to the fast-paced nature of the news channel, although reaching wider and vocal audiences through promoted tweets and targeted campaigns also presents growth possibilities to the smarter advertisers.

Paid Social Training

Community Management advertising

At Avenue Digital we offer specialist Paid Social media training courses each month for those who are new to paid social, as well as those who have some experience and are looking to take their paid social skills to the next level. Our one-day training courses are run at the the uber cool Hospital Club in Covent Garden, usually in groups of 10 people.   

For further information and to book online, please have a look at our paid social training courses.

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Paid Social Audit

See how you accounts are performing

We regularly audit Paid Social accounts, specifically Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, where we find poor account structures that inhibit optimisation and granular visibility on what's working and what's not. Our audits highlight where weaknesses are and what can be done to drive significant improvement.

If you would like to discuss a no obligation Paid Social account audit, which can be done without the knowledge of your incumbent agency, please get in touch.

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