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PPC Activation Services

Using an expert PPC Agency means that that you can be assured that your paid search campaigns have been set up to best practice, and that keywords have been created in the most effective environment to achieve your goals.

With the hard hitting cross-channel PPC Strategy in place, attention is directed towards activation and setting the campaigns live. 

  • Account Migration

    Where appropriate, we on-board a new client within a 5-10 day period and restructure the campaigns accordingly, using our unique best practice account structure for granular visibility and campaign management. Migration often follows a campaign audit.

  • Account Configuration

    Our keywords are organised into separate buckets; Brand, Product and Competitors, and our campaigns are match type specific, allowing for tight budget control. Ad groups contain very close-knit keywords relative to landing pages for maximum Quality Score.

  • Landing Pages

    By running campaign landing pages we have complete control of campaign success which enables us to move quickly without being restricted in house technical development projects; and to control the entire online conversion funnel to maximise conversion.

  • Conversion Tracking

    To run profitable PPC campaigns, we check that all pertinent tracking is in place before we activate your account. PPC is a continuous learning phase and even if the goal is to only drive traffic to the site we believe that if something is track-able, it should be tracked!

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