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PPC Management Services

Our PPC team strive to improve the metrics of your pay per click campaigns with constant fine-tuning and testing to make the campaigns as cost-efficient as possible, whilst growing conversion rates.

  • Budget Management

    We undertake budget planning at the beginning of each month to figure out where to allocate the budget and set daily budgets to prevent overspending. We also project performance weekly to guarantee budgets and conversions.

  • Bid Optimisation

    Weekly bid adjustments ensure that keywords are achieving the optimal positions for your goals. Device and location bid adjustments are also reviewed and under-performing keywords are paused, ensuring optimal campaign performance.

  • Search Queries

    We review search queries continually, meaning there is limited wasted spend on irrelevant search queries, and campaign performance is enhanced when new keywords are added to the campaigns when the search query performance is high.

  • Ad Copy Testing

    We review ad copy monthly with our detailed ad copy project plan. Underperforming ad copy is paused, and new ad copy is created based on strong performing existing ads, only with a new component to test against performance.

  • Geo-Targeting

    We run geographic reports on a monthly basis to determine where there is strong performance and use bid adjustments, exclude location or create geo-targeted campaigns, we can certify that your budget is being maximised to its full potential.

  • Ad Scheduling

    We review hour-of-day and day-of-week performance to assess where we can create additional cost efficiencies. Bids are lowered or paused when there are low or no conversions, and increased during peak performance times.

  • Keyword Expansion

    Using search query reports, the keyword planning tools and competitor monitoring tools, we are continuously looking for new channels and networks to reach your target market, in an effort to expand the campaigns, reach and ROI.

  • Network Expansion

    Whilst we concentrate on the Google search network initially, as campaigns evolve and the performance data grows, we assess the potential of other engines and networks to expand it and achieve the targeted performance metrics.

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