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PPC Strategy Services

We are a PPC Agency that pride ourselves on focusing on the overarching strategy, keeping the end goal in mind with every improvement we make.

The below highlights the high-level subject areas addressed as part of crafting a successful client PPC strategy.

  • Background

    From the outset, we establish the background on the business and opportunity that paid search provides, considering all channels and audience types. This includes looking at existing account performance and identifying opportunities.

  • Objectives

    With the background understood we establish campaign objectives: be it an increase in visits to your site; to increase lead generation; or increase your sales revenue, our team place their emphasis on the very metrics that will help you achieve your goal.

  • Target Audience

    In our planning meeting, we work to understand who your target audience are so that we can reach them effectively through our keyword strategy and qualified ad copy. Outlining their demographics, interests and locations for effective targeting.

  • Keyword Research

    We research keywords pertaining to your product or service, and propose our initial list based on search volumes and your budget. Our granular account structure and unique naming convention drive targeted and qualified traffic in the most cost-efficient way.

  • Ad Copy

    Our ad copy is always relevant and concise, focussing on your USP and using a strong call-to-action to drive higher CTRs and CVRs. We also take advantage of all possible ad extensions and create an ad copy testing plan to help improve CTR.

  • Competitor Research

    We establish who your competitors are within the PPC landscape and what messaging they are using. We then endeavour to establish how to differentiate you from the competitors on the landscape and launch with initial ad copy before further optimisation.

  • Seasonality

    Our paid search campaigns are informed by the seasonal trends of your product and service. As a proactive agency we are always fully prepared to capture traffic when interest peaks, both in terms of ad copy preparation and budget allocation.

  • Benchmarks

    With the PPC Strategy in place, benchmarks and KPI's for campaign performance are established. As a performance focused agency, we are goal orientated, continually looking to outperform the previous periods activity and results.

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