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Programmatic Display Advertising

Using programmatic advertising, our paid search teams make the most of the latest technology and paid search tools to reach online audiences based on their interests, demographics and browsing history.

And, as a DoubleClick partner we are able to lead on budgets of all sizes, reaching and converting audiences at the relevant phase of the conversion funnel.

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  • What is Programmatic?

    Programmatic advertising is digital media buying in real-time, powered by machine learning to constantly optimise towards greater performance. Avenue work with clients to define the right goals, networks, technology and strategy to deliver ROI.

  • How Does Programmatic Work?

    Ads are displayed to a target audience on a publisher site when an advertiser wins the auction for that ad space, in real time, on an ad exchange. Bids are based on the likelihood of the user to convert and are tailored depending on a multitude of behavioural signals.

  • Why use Programmatic?

    Programmatic enables brands to reach audiences at the various stages of the conversion funnel, based on demographics, location, behaviour and interest, moving them down the conversion funnel of awareness, consideration, intent and conversion.

  • Ad Creation

    With our in-house visual design and copy writing teams, Avenue are well placed to design and produce engaging creative assets to help drive brand engagement with programmatic. All Ad creation is included within the ongoing management fee.

  • Optimisation

    We use data driven analysis to understand and measure the success of each campaign, responding appropriately to audience behaviour, ad placement and engagement rates, to continually optimise the campaigns.

  • Reporting

    Granular campaign reporting is an essential part of the optimisation process. Avenue takes time to understand the data and its meaning, applying the learning into the next cycle of the campaign to establish the best gains possible.

Our Approach

As with other channels, the planning phase starts by defining the objectives of the campaign. We choose the ideal networks considering your budget, target audience and their demographics. We target based on such varied criteria as a user’s location, age, interests and other factors such as the weather or what sport they like.

We provide clarity and transparency on where the ads are running and how they are performing as part of our weekly and monthly reporting process. Being performance focused and data driven, we are continually looking to improve campaign performance, and our DoubleClick partnership enables a single source to measure results. Standard display, video, rich media and expandable formats are all supported. 

Our Client Services team run the client account, liaising with the technical specialists within the paid media department to continually gain insight, come up with new ideas and drive meaningful impact and campaign performance. 

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