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Google & Bing Shopping Feeds

With the ability to reach audiences who are ready to buy, the likes of Google and Bing Shopping creates the opportunity to visually present retail products to audiences who are armed with the intent to purchase, as they have seen your product and price prior to any outlay.

The objective with all client Google Shopping campaigns is to maximise the reach and revenue, while controlling margin and costs. Find out how Avenue Digital can help you get the most from your Google and Bing Shopping campaigns.

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  • Google Shopping

    We create an optimal bid strategy and campaign structure based on goals, margin, and product performance and use our own tools to analyse how effective the Google Shopping campaigns are. This in turn enables continual optimisation and improved account performance.

  • Bing Shopping

    Bing Shopping is getting ever more popular, as the cost efficiency and opportunities it creates, are becoming clearer. We work with clients to reach a whole set of different audience types and should be considered as part of all successful retail campaigns.

  • Facebook Feeds

    Facebook has its own equivalent of shopping feeds known as Dynamic Product Advertising (DPA). As with Bing Shopping, advertising products directly in Facebook via a feed is the ideal way to get products targeted to user groups within Facebook, quickly and cost effectively.

  • Shopping Feeds

    Effective use of feeds and shopping requires feed generation, feed optimisation, feed management and feed automation. We automate data harnessing and quickly deliver reliable and comprehensive structured data from your website.

  • Revenue Generating

    As online retail experts, we understand the importance of revenue and cost control in the retail landscape. Google Shopping provides a clear path to attribute revenue received back to specific areas of spend, and by evolving the campaigns we ensure the best client ROI.

  • Retail Expertise

    Working with retail clients for many years has provided us with a wealth of experience in the retail space. We know how to move fast and work in an open an collaborative way with clients who demand a proactive partner to their Google and Bing Shopping needs.

Our Approach To Shopping

We take your Shopping feed and analyse the structure based on product type, price, margin, profit and other factors such as availability or seasonality. We then create a campaign structure that allows us to bid depending on these various attributes and the expected ROI from each product. Audience layers also help us to adjust bids based on performance and a variety of other bid strategies are tested.

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