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As a leading SEO agency in London and Kent, Avenue Digital work with brands who consider Search Engine Optimisation to be an integral part of their digital marketing offering. As an SEO agency we believe in delivering performance efficiency and real impact from insight. Ensuring that your SEO efforts deliver maximum return on investment and performance, not the traditional natural KPI’s that other agencies follow.

Over the years we have evolved our approach to SEO, and our unique approach as an SEO agency includes a  comprehensive 4-step process that covers the following: SEO Strategy, SEO Auditing, SEO Management and SEO Reporting.

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Can you perform an SEO audit of my website?

As an SEO agency based in London and Kent, we find the ability to provide any client with an SEO audit a crucial part of relationship building, and our first step in ensuring you can see that we are completely transparent with our processes and recommendations.

We have had a lot of success in showing clients the real way search engines are looking at their websites and where simple improvements can make a lot of difference.

Our SEO audits aim to look at the following:

  • Keywords your website is targetting
  • Relevance of your website with the search landscape based on your keywords
  • Content review to determine page relevancy for your industry and chosen keywords
  • Link profile evaluation to see if your links are damaging your rankings, or where these can be improved
  • Technical performance of your website

This information is then benchmarked against 3 competitors to see where real change can be made should you wish to commence SEO work on your website.

Knowing how your website is performing realistically is crucial to know where to invest your money, and as the only SEO agency that delivers real impact from insight, we can help you achieve this.

If you would like to book an SEO Audit please get in touch.

Can you help me grow organically internationally?

As an agency working closely with prestigious brands in both London and Kent, we have found that International SEO is an area of our SEO toolbox we need to offer.

Many brands are now looking to take their digital marketing worldwide and need to know the SEO agency they pick is up to the task of helping them gain visibility in whichever country and demographics they choose.

Our international SEO strategy includes but is not limited to:

  • Market and audience research of your chosen countries and locations
  • Advising on website structure based on the countries and demographics you are targetting
  • Location targetting information, from building out landing pages and content pages and outreaching content
  • Technical optimisations to ensure Google and other search engines can serve your content in the language it needs to be in
  • Language translation optimisation so your content and meta information works as well in France as it does in the UK.

You can read more about our International SEO, or, alternatively, you can contact us now to discuss your plans

Can you help me grow my business locally?

No matter the size of your business, being able to grow your influence and organic visibility locally is a crucial building block. We know this all too well being an SEO agency local to London and Kent where competition is fierce.

Local SEO is a different landscape to traditional Google and needs a slightly different tactical approach in order to obtain the results you need. Our local SEO strategy covers the following:

  • Understanding the local search results
  • Google My Business and Bing Places optimisation
  • Local link building and outreach
  • Local citation inclusions
  • Local evergreen content creation
  • Targetted keywords for your locations

If you own a local business you could gain a lot of traffic to your website or business by becoming more competitive locally, and we know exactly how to help you with that. You can find out more about our local SEO strategy here, or, you can contact us now to discuss plans for your local growth.

How does SEO work with PPC?

When working with an SEO agency, it is important to understand the value PPC can bring to an SEO campaign. A holistic approach to digital marketing should see SEO and PPC combined to promote search marketing success.

PPC campaigns can provide invaluable data to SEO strategy by complimenting each other. A strong SEO strategy set forth by your agency should see you ranking well in the SERP well after you stop running a PPC campaign. Using both together, you can ensure that your website is prominent in the search, no matter what stage in the buying cycle the user is.

It is important that our clients understand the value in combining all marketing channels and gaining insight from each one. This will allow the creation of more powerful digital marketing campaigns that have more impact.

Is link building still important in SEO?

In recent years, Google has significantly changed its algorithm in relation to link building. Today, Google is looking for highly relevant content that attracts high-quality back-links and user engagement. So where quantity used to be important, attention now is directed at earning quality content that is hosted on third party websites, be it articles, publications, thought-leadership pieces or white papers.

Can you guarantee SEO Results?

No, there is no guarantees in the world of SEO, but it is more of a science than it once was. There are about two hundred facets to SEO that we work with, and by bench-marking against your competitors, it can be straight forward to rank brands against each other in terms of best practice and optimisation.   

Once an effective SEO Strategy has been developed, our SEO Managers work with clients to ensure a programme for SEO improvement is developed, shared with the client, and then rolled out.


Working With Us

One of the advantages of being an SEO agency in London and Kent is that we get the opportunity to work alongisde clients of all sizes from many differing industries. This allows us to work as your marketing team to further your business goals, or with your marketing team to implement strategy, advise on best SEO practice and get the organic results you are looking for.

Working with you or your marketing team, we will develop an effective SEO strategy that furthers your business aims and goals. This plan will cover all aspects of SEO from local and international SEO, to content strategies and outreach, and the technical side of SEO to ensure the foundation of your website is not having an impact on results.

Having worked with many clients around London, we understand that an SEO agency has to work with their client to meet their needs, and sometimes this means going outside traditional SEO and working with a client to deliver outstanding content campaigns, or to optimise a website to convert customers instead of just driving traffic. We work to deliver bespoke goals and KPI's and won't just work to improve your organic traffic. We are an agency that understands the value of ensuring customers on your site convert and you hit the KPI's that matter to your business.

Click on some of our case studies below to see how we have worked as an agency with a variety of clients throughout different markets to deliver tangible results, and a great return on investment for them. Each case study will detail the SEO plan, the strategies we used and the effects that this has had not only on the number of organic visitors to the website, but an increase in conversions and goals.

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