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Content Planning & Copywriting

There are many facets and intricacies to Search Engine Optimisation, however, once you have a strong technical foundation and a content plan, you need to know how to optimise the content you are writing to deliver the best results.

The content writing team at Avenue Digital have many years of experience in writing content to fit an SEO strategy, and are able to ensure that all content written for your website is in-line with your content strategy, the keywords assigned to these pages, and also the overall aim of the individual pages we are writing for.

  • User Intent Research

    When writing content, it is important that your pages are optimised dependent on the user intent. For example, if your page is informational you need to be factual and to the point with your information, whereas if you are enticing users to buy a product from your page, you need to ensure the page is descriptive and rich with content such as images and video. Our content writing team will undertake keyword research as well as research on your audience to ensure the content is enticing to read an

  • Mixed Content Strategy

    Not all content is best delivered as words on a page. Sometimes graphics or video can be used to portray a message in a much more effective way. As well as this, there is also evidence to suggest that using a mixed content approach to your pages can improve users’ dwell time, and also their interactivity with the rest of your website.

  • Creating High-quality Content

    Creating high-quality content is what we are all about. Content that is created on your page needs to be engaging, satisfy a users’ query, and optionally, be shareable by people. There are a number of ways in which you can create high-quality content, and once again it depends on the intention of the page. The content writers at Avenue Digital will take a holistic approach to content creation and will determine what is best for the page. If the page is intended to answer a quick question then t

  • Creating Correct Content

    Naturally your content needs to be correct. This is in both terms of spelling and grammar. If the content you are putting on your pages is not free of spelling and grammatical errors it could cause concern for your visitors. The content writing at Avenue Digital goes through proofreading stages as well as being passed through third-party software to ensure that there are no spelling or grammatical errors in the copy that is being put on your website.

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