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International SEO

If you’re seeing that many of your customers or website visitors come from other countries, you may want to consider an International SEO strategy. Getting that extra organic visibility when competing in new territories for business will be key to success. Our International team have proven experience working with global brands such as Tangle Teezer and Imperial College, and are knowledgeable in how to execute all aspects of a strong international SEO strategy.

  • Hreflang Tags

    For websites which have content in multiple languages, hreflang tags allow users to be served content in their own language. Having an incorrect setup for hreflang tags can cause a number of issues with Google and other search bots, and it can end up in having the incorrect content indexed, slowing your organic growth. Implementing correct hreflang tag setups can be complicated, however, we have managed to create and ffix many hreflang tag setups in the past, so you can be confident your content

  • Website Structure

    Deciding on a website structure is a big decision when making an international website, it is also something that can be difficult to handle if you have an established website. Deciding on subdomains, subfolders and even the use ccTLD’s (country-code top-level domains) can have impacts on the indexability and organic visibility of your website, and these options need to be explored to gain the most out of your international SEO strategy.

  • International Search Engines

    A strong international SEO strategy will also take into account that Google is not the only search engine that you may need to optimise for. Depending on the country, other browsers could be more popular, this is true in countries such as China and Russia where the search engines Baidu and Yandex are much more popular. Optimising for all types of search engines, depending on your website is an important skill to understand.

  • International Keyword Research

    In order to get a full picture of keywords used by your international customers, we will use other tools for keyword research and planning outside of the traditional keyword planners. Using third-party software and proprietary keyword research tools hosted by Bing and Yandex, we can create a keyword profile targeted at the countries that matter to you.

  • Google Analytics

    At Avenue Digital, we believe that a strong SEO strategy must be based in solid data, and using our knowledge of data, we will be able to filter out, segment and categorise data from your customers all over the world. Using this data, we can then inform future strategies as well as identify any markets that may need more bespoke strategies to encourage organic growth.

  • Language

    As well as ensuring the copy on your page is in the language you are showing your customers, it is also important that other meta information is also translated. This includes things such as the meta title and description, any alt text and other things. As well as this, ensuring the HTML language of your document is set correctly is crucial. Our international SEO teams has years of experience in these areas and will ensure these optimisations are implemented correctly.

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