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SEO for Ecommerce and Retail Marketing

In the crowded marketplace of online retail, a strong SEO strategy is crucial to e-commerce success. Online retailers need to ensure they have the right SEO partner, and here at Avenue Digital we have a wealth of experience in this sector. From simple website optimisations to website migrations, to ensuring online stock is managed and kept up to date, we help e-commerce sites to stay ahead of their competition, and generate impressive ROIs.

We have experience with many e-commerce clients, including internationally renowned businesses Tangle Teezer & Freed of London, delivering award-winning e-commerce SEO strategies and performing successful site migrations.

  • Stock Management

    With our extensive ecommerce experience, expertise in technical SEO and thorough understanding of the retail sector, we ensure that stock and product pages are managed efficiently and that ‘out of stock’ items don’t return 404 error pages, or if they do, that the 404 page is customised to encourage further customer interaction. This helps to contribute to a smooth user experience for online shoppers, vital for retailers to keep up with the competition.

  • Website Structure

    A clear website structure is crucial if you want your customers to find the products they are looking for. A logical website structure ensures your customers do not get lost as they browse your online store, whilst providing all the information search engine bots need to index your website and products effectively. Avenue Digital are experienced in creating dynamic site structures to satisfy both customers and search engines

  • UX & CRO

    User experience and conversion rate optimisation are key components to any good ecommerce SEO strategy. At Avenue Digital we have the best tools and expertise to implement unrivalled user experiences and conversion optimisation techniques.

  • Canonical Tags

    Canonical tags are necessary for retail sites with many products and filtering options. They prevent the search engines from indexing multiple versions of the same page by telling the search engine to index just the main product page. Avenue make sure that canonical tags are placed on the correct main product pages, ensuring your ecommerce site is doing all it can it can to be ranked by the search engine, and found by users.

  • Effective Pagination

    Effective pagination and the use of rel=next/prev tags, indicates to the search engine that pages are connected in part of a series. These are necessary for ecommerce sites whereby the results or products within a category spread across more than one page. We are skilled in knowing and applying paginated tags to ensure that your website doesn’t product duplicate content and is fully optimised for the search engine.

  • Website Migrations

    Although website migrations are considered a big task they are sometimes the best option to improve an e-commerce website’s SEO ranking. Here at Avenue, we have overseen a plethora of successful website migrations, and ensure that the process runs smoothly and effectively.

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