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SEO Strategy

The starting point for any effective SEO campaign is the SEO strategy. Here’s how we build our strategies: Client business objectives, SEO objectives, key words, benchmarks, seasonality, and competitors. They all come together to form a comprehensive SEO Strategy.

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  • Objectives

    At Avenue, we work with clients at the beginning of the SEO process to fully understand their campaign objectives and how and where search engine optimisation can be managed to impact their revenue streams. By defining and documenting a clear set of objectives, both our clients and the agency know what success will look like.

  • Analytics & Goal Tracking

    With client objectives established, these are transitioned into performance KPI’s which are used as a benchmark to gauge future SEO success and ROI. Such KPI’s may include sign up forms, Call back requests, basket checkouts, and brochure downloads, but each call to action and KPI is weighted to measure real business improvement.

  • Keyword Research

    Our Avenue SEO Managers use in-depth keyword analysis to develop an extensive keyword portfolio comprising category and keywords. These categories and associated keywords are measured to look at traffic, engagement, acquisition and business goals. The three main categories of keywords we look at are, Generic, Long-Tail, and Niche.

  • Generic Keywords

    Generic keywords tend to be the most competitive. These tend to be most relevant keywords in your industry, typically with the highest search volumes, although they are not specifically matched to your service or product range. Although they are achievable, generic keywords take longer and require higher budgets to target.

  • Long-tail Keywords

    Long-tail keywords are more specific and usually signify highly relevant user intent. Their search volumes are not as high as generic keywords, but these users are more likely to convert.

  • Niche Keywords

    Niche search terms are very specific long-tail keywords. These are often the easiest terms to target, and tend to have some of the highest conversion rates, but their search volumes are lower.

  • Geotargeting

    Once our team have established keyword categories and associated keywords, attention is directed towards domain strategies, ensuring they are well optimised for both local and international reach. With more clients able to trade internationally than ever before, ensuring the correct territory domains, sub domains and URL strings are in place, ensures we are capturing all possible natural search activity.

  • Seasonal Trends

    Using our SEO reporting tool Fathom, our team also look into past seasonal trends. Identifying past seasonal trends, and understanding peaks and troughs in traffic can help plan key pushes at peaks times of the year.

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