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Technical Optimisation Management Services

Technical SEO services are becoming increasingly important within digital marketing, and it is a crucial part of SEO work in general. Google and Bing search engines are always looking to serve the best optimised content in the fastest time possible. This means you may have perfectly written copy on your site, but without a strong technical base this content could actually be causing you to lose customers if the page takes forever to load.

Technical SEO looks to improve the technical setup of your website and can include anything from server configurations and setups, all the way through to optimising the Javascript, code and images on your website. If your website suffers from loading slowly you may be able to make some simple technical SEO fixes and improve your rankings. 

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  • Technical Audit

    Our Technical SEO Audits, highlight issues that are holding your website back, stopping them from being able to effectively crawl your website. The technical Audit is carried out by our SEO Managers and presented to clients as an audit report and road map. which can then be worked on with your in-house development teams.

  • Technical Detail

    Our Technical SEO Audits look at things like mobile optimisation, technical duplication, content indexation, page attributes, crawl errors, image optimisation, link structures, XML and HTML sitemaps, page speed, structured data, URL structures, error pages, schema markup, content indexation, index status, and social integrations.

  • Technical Development

    With our own in-house development expertise, and highly experienced Lead Developers, we are well placed to work with client's own development teams to help roll our our technical SEO recommendations, giving proactive support and advise as required. Of if needed, our developers can take on that capacity directly.

  • Site Architecture

    Future proofing your website architecture and ensuring content and pages are not buried too deep is part of best practice technical SEO. In turn, this allows search engines to crawl, cache and index pages. We also look at other site architecture aspects like URL structures, sub domains, and dynamic content and sitemaps.

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