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Avenue Digital are proud to be Umbraco Partners. Umbraco is the leading open-source content management system that boasts great flexibility and an intuitive editing experience for all users.

We are a trusted Umbraco Agency based in London, and have years of Umbraco development experience. If you are looking to create a brand new website, or you are looking to migrate your website to a sleeker, easier to use CMS, then be sure to get in touch for all your Umbraco web development needs.

  • Content Management

    Umbraco provides an easy to use interface for content editors. Content is organised into a simple tree structure, mirroring the website sitemap.

  • media library

    The Umbraco media library allows you to drag and drop images and documents from your desktop into the CMS.

  • Image Editor

    A built-in image cropper automatically crops images as they are uploaded, for the different places they are used on the website, which saves you from uploading different variants of the same image - we create our templates to automatically pull through the correct crop size.

  • page preview

    Umbraco offers a page preview which allows you to see how your pages will look on different screen sizes and in different devices. This incredibly useful tool enables you to test content before publishing live on your website.

  • start simple

    It adopts a ‘start simple’ approach to out of the box functionality, with all the basics there from the start, and functionality being easy to add.

  • No limits

    It is the master of scalability, expanding alongside organisations and working smoothly on single web server set-ups, right up to more complex server networks

  • performance boost

    With built-in content cache and dynamic cache for macros, websites using Umbraco are given a significant performance boost, ensuring an impressive experience for site visitors and editors alike

  • Free features

    There is an extensive range of packages available through Umbraco + which enables the quick addition of functional features, all free of charge or with low cost, one-off fees.


Microsoft .NET platform

Umbraco is built upon the Microsoft .NET platform and is fully compatible with the latest technologies that .NET has to offer such as MVC and Razor.  This means that not only do we ensure our developers stay at the “bleeding edge” of software development, but also that we can extend Umbraco in any way that our clients would like.

With data insight driving strategic thinking, we deliver innovative technical applications that target consumer behaviour as the trigger for achieving business objectives. Integrating desktop, mobile and tablet applications to third party CRM and ERM systems, including SAP, Sales Force, Microsoft Dynamics, and SharePoint is essential in proving an end to end scalable solution. 

It is the master of scalability, expanding alongside organisations and working smoothly on single web server set-ups, right up to more complex server networks.

Open Source

No licence fee CMS

As an open source product, Umbraco benefits from the combined minds of hundreds of developers around the world, working together to continually improve the platform. Overseen by Umbraco HQ, a fully limited company, all code is evaluated and certified as fully secure prior to release, guaranteeing its quality.

There are no license fees for the main CMS platform with the majority of packages in Umbraco+ being free or costing less than £100. In addition, Umbraco offers a full support package, if required.  However, we find that the community model of support has always been more than acceptable of our needs, and those of our clients – the community is very active and often provides a quicker fix for any problems. 

Umbraco provides an easy to use interface for content editors minimising the requirement for ongoing support.

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