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  1. The Challenge


    Consultus Care and Nursing is the UK's leading provider of private live-in care and nursing services, enabling its clients to enjoy superior care in the comfort of their own homes.

    Consultus Care and Nursing operates in a crowded and very competitive market and was seeing a steady decline in organic web traffic prior to Avenue taking over the account.

    With this context, Consultus and Nursing came to us with the following objectives for our PPC and SEO activity:

    • Increase lead generation in the UK
    • Increase conversions in the UK
    • Help improve organic traffic to the website
  2. The Solution


    When we first started working with Consultus and Nursing, we undertook a thorough audit of its website and implemented a number of SEO and content strategies to improve organic rankings.

    We optimised the contact form on the page, simplifying it to a call back request form, which helped to convert warm leads.

    Google Search activity is running across the UK, focusing on brand and generic keywords  We introduced dedicated landing pages for all PPC activity - each landing page was tailored to be relevant to the keyword theme, for example, when searching for live-in nurses, customers landed on a dedicated nursing care landing page. We built a dynamic headline insertion to automatically change the primary heading of the landing page to include the keyword the user searched for. 

  3. The Result


    In our time to date working with Consultus Care and Nursing, we have helped the brand to achieve its objectives of driving increased conversions, and through our SEO efforts, we are seeing a much higher volume of organic traffic to the website too.

    We have seen the following strong performance results:

    • 57% decrease in Cost per Action
    • 103% increase in Conversion Rate
    • 31% increase in organic traffic to site

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