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  1. The Challenge


    Jamie Oliver is a cooking sensation, a much loved television personality and one of Britain’s most famous exports. With 25 TV shows, 19 recipe books and 6 restaurants, he is inspiring cooks and food lovers the world-over.

    Jamie Oliver wanted to make his website the online destination for food within the UK. The aim was to significantly increase traffic volumes to his website, by creating an online food encyclopedia that would take the form of a 'wiki', meaning it would rely on user generated content to organically grow.

  2. The Solution


    Avenue worked with Jamie Oliver's external relations, marketing and technical teams to design the Foodwise templates and produce the technical specification for the project delivery.

    The web design is very on-brand, and perfectly targeted at the users – the style is warm, homely and portrays Jamie's friendly personality and back-to-basics cooking methods. Created to work alongside the existing Jamie Oliver website, but given its own identity, the Foodwise section stands out in design, content and exciting features. Functionality includes dynamic content, such as the latest addition and an honour role highlighting the most active editor, article voting, simple search and an easy contribution process.

    Registered users of the Foodwise enjoy additional features once logged in, including a personal 'notebook' which allows them to save articles of interest whilst they are browsing Foodwise.

  3. The Result


    The Foodwise application, designed by Avenue and developed to our specification by the Jamie Oliver technical team, succeeded in creating a food community, as well as an online food resource for UK food lovers, driving more food-based searches to the website and an overall increase in traffic.

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