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  1. The Challenge


    My Deposits provides a simple but effective deposit protection scheme for UK landlords, letting agents, and tenants. It’s a legal requirement for landlords and letting agents to protect their tenant’s deposits with a government scheme such as that offered by My Deposits.

    SEO and PPC Agency Avenue, were appointed to manage PPC and SEO to help dive inbound enquiries.


  2. The Solution


    The existing activity managed by the incumbent was under performing. Through a no obligation PPC and SEO audit, it was evident the account was poorly structured and not exploiting the potential available.

    A restructured PPC account allows for best practice roll out across multiple campaigns, and coupled with improved messaging, there is an opportunity to scale the conversation metrics.

    Effective delivery of the SEO strategy sees the website further enhance its organic ranking and naturally attributed inbound enquiries.

  3. The Result


    The paid search conversion volume for My Deposits has increased to 10% already, and CPA reduced by 8%. In total there is a 48% uplift in activity across the paid landscape year on year.

    Organic rankings have soared by 17% month on month in the early campaign. 

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