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  1. The Challenge


    Born out of a love for the Balearic Islands, Solillas are a fast-growing footwear and lifestyle brand, cemented in the UK footwear market, boasting stockists including Urban Outfitters and Office.

    When we began working with Solillas, we were tasked with the following campaign objectives across PPC, Google Shopping and Analytics:

    • Grow the UK customer base
    • New market expansion into America and Australia
    • Restructure PPC channels for enhanced performance
  2. The Solution


    We identified the need for efficiency in the brand’s impression share, as a number of resellers were already bidding on Solillas branded keywords.  Maximising brand impression share helped drive direct sales and revenue. Higher funnel generic keywords were utilised to expand brand awareness and drive further sales around terms such as 'Menorcan sandals’.

    Google shopping campaigns targeting a similar brand and generic keywords were set up, recapturing impression share and further building the existing UK customer base.

    Dynamic and retargeting ads were rolled out across Facebook.

  3. The Result


    We restructured the under performing account and with a best-practice account structure and created performance efficiency that achieved:

    • 102% increase in online sales on branded terms, highlighting the efficiency of a comprehensive brand strategy.
    • 600% increase in ROAS
    • 40% reduction in CPC

    "Thank you so much Avenue! Really excited and brilliant to have you onboard!"

    Sarahjayne Matthews

    Founder & Director, Solillas

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