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  1. The Challenge


    Born out of a love for the Balearic Islands, Sollilas are a fast growing footwear and lifestyle brand cemented in the UK footwear market, boastings stockists like Urban Outfitters and Office.

    Sollilas were seeking an agency who could provide them with efficiency in expanding their PPC and paid social campaigns into domestic and international markets.

  2. The Solution


    Avenue identified the opportunity for efficiency in PPC brand impression share, because a number of resellers were already bidding on the Sollilas brand keywords.

    Higher funnel generic keywords were utilised to help build awareness and drive further sales around terms such as ‘Menorcan sandals’. In order for the budget to be distributed strategically, Google shopping campaigns targeting a similar brand and generic were set up, recapturing impression share and further building on the existing UK customer base. Additionally, after thorough experimenting, dynamic creatives and retargeting ads were rolled out across Facebook.


  3. The Result


    As a result of the PPC Strategy and paid social campaigns, Avenue drove a 102% increase in sales on branded terms, highlighting the efficiency of a comprehensive brand strategy.

    Avenue also increased Sollilas' return on ad spend by 600%. Furthermore, Sollilas' average CPC was reduced by 40%. In depth ad copy analysis, search query mining, and bid management will ensure that performance continues to improve.

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