With car purchases often beginning online, it is increasingly important for automotive websites to have an engaging website for their car-buying customers. Whilst SEO and PPC campaigns help to drive clicks and traffic towards your car dealer’s website, a live-chat feature can help to keep those customers actually there. Live-chat is the perfect way to add value to your website and provides your dealership business with many opportunities to communicate, upsell and offer convenience for your customers. Take a look at the ‘Three C’s’, three reasons why you should introduce live chat to your car dealer’s website: Convenience, Conversion, Communication.


Live-chat is great for the customer who appreciates convenience. Cars are expensive, complicated investments and the car buyer will have many questions before they even think about making a purchase. Therefore, being able to answer quickly, at the potential customer’s convenience is key to them finishing their buying journey on your forecourt.

Even if a customer isn’t looking to buy an actual car, people who are buying car components tend to have even more specific questions. Answering this in real time could be the difference between a sale for you, or an impatient customer visiting your competitor’s website for the same car part.

Furthermore, people tend to not like talking on the phone. Live-chat presents the ideal opportunity for those people, satisfying your customer’s queries without the need for a phone call or meeting in person. Answering questions before the would-be-buyer visits your showroom could also mean a quicker sale on car buying day.

Additionally, live-chat is convenient for the automotive business itself. It provides efficiency because a live chat agent is able to deal with multiple queries at once, allowing you communicate with many customers in less time, who are thus more likely to buy their next car from you.


As mentioned, quick answers mean someone is more likely to buy from you, instead of visiting another site that sells similar models, especially important considering how competitive the automotive sector is. Live-chat communication also creates a chance to upsell to your customer. Whilst giving quick answers to important questions, the agent may use the opportunity to suggest other models or makes, sell higher spec features, or introduce the customer to a higher value model.

Live-chat time also allows the agent to instantly offer and schedule a test drive or meeting. These are encouraging steps towards the customer making the final purchase and buying their new car from you. Being able to give rapid, insightful knowledge about a car to your customer is also likely to make them want to buy from you more.


Buying a car is an important journey for many customers because they will spend a lot of time and money searching for the perfect vehicle. A live-chat feature may make your dealership appear more trustworthy because the customer will feel supported in knowing that you are willingly available to assist them. Therefore, readily offering communication to the customer via live-chat will make them feel valued and offers a more personal service.

Moreover, the live-chat feature creates an enjoyable user experience by making it interactive, helping you stand out amongst your automotive competitors. Ultimately, your website is the equivalent to a digital car showroom, and it is important to make this as smart and sophisticated as your physical showroom. Your website will also look more professional and that you are willing to help the customer at all times of the day.

Whilst live-chat provides excellent communication opportunities with your customer, it is also important to continue the communication thread after the messenger chat has finished. It would be advisable to send a follow-up email to the customer to summarise your conversation and help continue their car buying journey with you. Not only will the customer appreciate the personal service but it will allow you to keep pushing for that final car purchase.


There are so many reasons why you should install live-chat software on your dealership website. From creating a professional and high-tech user experience to increasing conversions and creating convenience for the customer, it really is a no-brainer. If you would like help with your website design or are interested in implementing live-chat software, Avenue would love to hear from you.

Written by Alice Pelham

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