In September, Avenue Digital was invited to join Military Charity Blesma at the Imperial War Museum in London, at an event organised for the Blesma Photography Group. The event was led by photographer Marcus Lyon, who brings encouragement and excellence to the charity and the group. Research Curator, Hilary Roberts, and Head of Art, Kathleen Palmer led introductions to two special exhibitions.

The event at the Imperial War Museum was part of a weekend full of activities hosted by Blesma. The event, part of the group’s annual City and Studio Photography 2016 activity, is part of the mission of Blesma to help grow a community of Blesma members through shared interests. Funding and encouraging these events helps Blesma assist limbless veterans to lead independent and fulfilling lives.

Avenue was invited to attend the event to help understand the needs of members, in a way which will help support Blesma’s SEO management, UX, and Web Design. Throughout the day, Avenue spoke to members.

One member commented of the Group that “We have seen everyone’s skills develop… everyone has a different eye of course.”

It became apparent that Blesma is in need of donations to keep funding these events. Blesma supports its members with activities and events which help build a membership community, and give amputee veterans a chance to develop skills and interests that help them to mentally and physically recover from their life changing injuries.

Member Steve Barnes said, “I like photography, and I was developing my skills on my own. Charley Streather, who was my BSO, encouraged me to come along and give it a try.

“I came along to an event, and have since gone along to others including a trip to the Isle of Mull.”

The group is seeking donations to help them with future expeditions to develop their photographic practices. The group has recently been to the Isle of Mull, but would like to travel internationally. When asked, a lot of members said they would like to photograph professionally – Blesma’s efforts to grow members skills is essential to this process.

Brian Chenier, the Prosthetics Support Officer (also a keen photographer), said, “I have seen the therapeutic effect photography has with members.”

Lyon commented that, “Having spent 30 years as a photographic artist, I have witnessed the transformative power of the medium on hundreds of occasions. To be asked to bring that asset to Blesma, through my role as an Ambassador, is a great honour and I know that together we will create a little bit of magic together.”

In the need for donations, another member said that Blesma needs to offer more courses: “We have a beginner’s course and an advanced course, but no intermediate course.”

Avenue is now working with Blesma to create member led stories to help drive donations from the public. As their Digital Marketing Agency, Avenue executes a comprehensive strategy which unites onsite SEO with offsite consultancy including Social Media. Avenue is responsible for Blesma’s Web Design and Build with SEO and UX strategy built in. All of Avenue’s strategies with Blesma include the need for donations.

Photograph by Steve Barnes

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