Social Media is an important part of any SEO strategy- whether it is Linkedin for a niche B2B company or Instagram for a charity, Social Media helps Google read the popularity of your site through the inbound signals and traffic which come from Social Media.

Reaching out to prospective customers or clients through Social Media management can be a boon- if executed correctly, however some businesses to do not appear to have a brand which can be shared on Social Media platforms, such as a law firm on Instagram, or a graffiti art gallery on Linkedin.

However, manipulating your brand for social media is possible.

If your business seems to set in stone and not viable for Social Media, consider this: what interesting and aesthetically sound environments are available to you, or what academic and topical content can you provide for a professional social community?

At Avenue Digital, we focus our Instagram on office life. We focus on the visually appealing photos we capture in the office, on the road meeting clients, and occasionally we showcase our team member’s work. We don’t try and attract customers through our Social Media; instead we extend our brand and personality through the medium.

Too often, brands will use Social Media as a call to action, and this actually goes against making your brand memorable. Using the same SEO tactics which make users return to your site, using interesting and relevant content which extends your brand and helps users decide on your importance without the pressure to convert, makes the difference.

The same can be said for all Social Media Channels. Once you have ascertained what the Social Media platform offers and what it is used for, developing content to suit this will engage viewers. Focusing too heavily on the academic for Facebook will not garner much attention, however condensing and making a visual presentation could.

Being active in your Social Media community is also vital- no one likes a brand which doesn’t interact with other ideas, brands, publications, or people. If you make your Social Media all about you (or your brand), you are at risk of making your brand look and feel cold. Liking other pages, commenting on posts, and retweeting are all good practices of a Social Media strategy. It certainly does take time in growing followers; sometimes it feels like you are engaging with skeletons, but in the end the slow and steady interactive approach pays off.

The purpose of well executed Social Media management is to extend your brand and inspire users to interact with you. Building followers and likes from people who will not convert is important in raising the profile of your Social Media channels, whilst attracting visitors to your site will boost SEO. Allowing users to decide whether they wish to convert is important, and keeping this in mind, your Social Media campaigns should be successful.

About Avenue Digital

Avenue Digital was established in 2015 and has fast become a leading digital marketing agency, proving SEO, PPC Management, Social Media Management, and Umbraco Design and Build expertise. This strong growth has been achieved through a steady accumulation of consumer and professional service based clients and a significant strategic acquisition.

Existing Avenue clients include Rothesay Life, LPC Law, Convergen, Lomar, Venesta, Bureau Van Dijk, Mount Anvil, Benoy, Shrieve, GLH Hotels, Ella’s Kitchen, Levi Roots, Shop Direct, Farrell Clothing, Anna Freud Centre, and Blesma.

Although a specialist SEO agency in London, Avenue Digital is performance focused and a provider of digital marketing including:

• SEO Management
• PPC Management
• Social Media Management
• Umbraco Design & Build

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