Google Dataset Search has come out of Beta

Google has announced that its Dataset Search product has come out of Beta following testing. With the rollout come a number of new features, including filtering results based on the type of dataset you are looking for (such as tables, images or text), you can use a map to look at the geographic area of a Dataset, the quality of the Dataset descriptions has been improved.

Anyone that publishes data can make their datasets discoverable in Dataset searches, using the Dataset schema.

Google extends optimisation score for Display campaigns

Google’s Optimisation Score ranges from 0% to 100&% and indicates how campaigns are likely to perform, based on a number of factors such as targeting, ad extensions and more. These scores will be available for Display campaigns as well from 2020. Read more here.

Google launches Performance Planner tool to predict performance

Google’s new Performance Planner tool has been announced. Even when objectives or budgets remain the same, you can still find ways to improve performance efficiency through this tool. If specifying date ranges, seasonality considerations will be taken into account. It also allows you to calculate the best places to cut budget if you see a budget cut for your overall media spend. So far, Google has seen a +43% in conversions using this tool, but it is in its infancy, so time will tell in the coming months.

Facebook removes Ad Set Budgets

Facebook’s next mandatory change will see Ad Set Budgets eliminated, replaced by just Campaign Budgets in a move towards Campaign Budget Optimisation (CBO).

CBO means that budget will be automatically distributed across the different Ad Sets within your campaign to ensure optimal results. Fortunately, you can still set budget caps on a daily or lifetime basis, depending on requirements.

It does mean that if you are running a campaign that includes different conversion points of different values, these will now need to be set up as different campaigns, rather than Ad Sets. The CBO does not work well with retargeting and prospecting within the campaign, so these should now be build separately. You can read more here.

TikTok signs new music licencing deals

TikTok continues to gain strength in its music licencing deal, most recently with Merlin, an agency representing a number of independent music labels and artists. Read more here.

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