As we continue to move towards a mobile dominated era, why not take it one step further and completely eradicate the need for words completely and instead use your favourite emoji characters? Well, that’s what we imagine ran through Microsoft’s mind when they decided Bing should implement this.

Emoji’s Take Over The Internet

Why you would want to utilise this search tool? Well for some, the mystery still remains on what a number of the emoji’s actually mean. So there’s that and more interestingly you can also combine emoji’s with words to mix life up a little. For example, you’ve forgotten to bring treats to the office for that leaving do, but don’t have time to type out “donut?” Well now you can use one or multiple emoji’s or combinations or pictures ad words to run searches Use that character to find the best local donut place, quick as a flash!

Go on, test it out! You know you want to!

But ultimately, search by emoji seems more of a novelty idea rather than a useful search feature. That being said, it has been reported that if you enter an emoji in Google, the search engine will sometimes show related searches, but only related searches people are actually doing. Leaving the gap wide open for someone, say Bing, to swoop in and provide the answers that Google can’t.

Google vs. Bing

Wait what? Google can’t answer search queries?! What does this mean for the rest of us mere mortals, if the all-seeing, all-knowing Google doesn’t have all the answers? Well theoretically, it means search is about to enter a whole new ball-game, so until we know more we’re going to sit back and relax as we watch the drama unfold.

May the best search engine win!

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