Blesma's appetite for digital is exciting, as the charity realises the potential of online to better engage members and raise awareness amongst supporters.

In 2015, working closely with Blesma we completed a smooth Umbraco upgrade, which has delivered the very latest technology so the charity has the ability to action more web changes than ever in-house. In addition, it secures on-going cost savings for the charity across further digital developments, as with a modern code base on which to build, and new suite of functionality now available, we can help keep funds focused on members.

Further benefits delivered to members over the last 6 months have included the launch of responsively built templates, so the website experience is tailored, for the first time ever, to mobile and tablet users, as well as desktop visitors. A new sitemap improved the user's journey, making the content structure far more logical, helping members and supporters to find relevant content much quicker and helping users to explore the different website sections.

With a new homepage info-graphic showcasing key facts about the support Blesma provides to limbless veterans and widows, raising the charity's purpose and status, the positive work that Blesma has to share is given prominence on page one. Key messaging has been updated to support and signpost members online, but also promote fundraising, helping to drive event sign ups and online donation conversions.

Another improvement on-site is the new-look Member Activities pages, with a wealth of exciting content promoting the activities, including photo galleries, videos, FAQs and online event registration to complete the process. This makes event registration as easy as it possibly can be, helping members to engage with the Blesma activity programme and submit their preferences through an interactive form, keeping the process quick and simple.

As Blesma's digital marketing agency, we are driving visibility of Blesma through search engines, campaigning to keep the charity front of mind for injured ex-servicemen and women, members and supporters alike.

With the Invictus Games underway today, putting amputee ex-servicemen and women high on the agenda globally, it is well timed that we begin the next large-scale development project for Blesma in the studio here. Our well wishes are with all competitors in Florida, and our developers here, as we embark on the next significant improvement for members... we'll post news of our exciting new launch very soon!

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