Avenue’s Christmas PPC Wish List

During our day to day AdWords management, we occasionally come across something we wish AdWords could do to make our management slightly easier or increase our targeting options.

We have just seen that AdWords has released what we will call" The AdWords Event Tracking" in conversion actions. This is fantastic as we previously had to rely on Google Analytics data, which doesn't always attribute the conversion or event to PPC due to its the last interaction attribution model where 100% credit is given to the final click that precedes a sale or conversion. This new feature will allow us to credit PPC with additional site interactions. This can be combined with the option to "opt out" of being included in the "Conversions" column, ultimately removing the need of any Google Analytics Goals or Events to be imported into AdWords.

With the festive season just around the corner, we thought it was apt to create our Avenue PPC Christmas Wish List.

PPC wish 1) Create a promotion feed for a certain audience (or campaign) only in Google Shopping.

Currently promotions can only be applied at product level (or to all products). However, if we could offer a discount through RLSA on Shopping, we would be able to increase the performance of our campaigns, and bring the visitor back to our site ensuring they don’t end up getting enticed away by a competitor.

PPC Wish 2) Average Position for Product data.

Curretly PPC Practitioners need to use a combination of the Lost Impressions Share due to Ad rank and the Benchmark Max. CPC data to help inform their bid optimisations. An average position for product data would be a great benefit when trying to decide how to increase product perfomance.

PPC wish 3) Labels for products in Google Shopping.

We literally shout daily in frustration that this feature does not exist!

PPC wish 4) Export option on the Product Tab.

This would be useful to avoid having to check in with the Merchant centre so often. Currently we can see the majority of SKU data in the dimensions tab, however we can not see Product Status. On the Product Tab we are able to easily see which of our top performing products are currently disapproved, and affecting campaign perfomance.

So there you go Father Christmas, a few features that we PPC Practitioners would be grateful if you could work your magic on!

In the meantime, we are grateful for this addition which we have seen pop up recently, which makes adding a user to an account a lot easier than the infuriating add user process we had previously.

If you have anything you would like to add to the PPC wish list we would love to hear from you! Contact us at avenueppc@avenuedigital.co.uk

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