Last night in a sea of tartan skirts, Lochness monsters and Scotty dogs the Twentieth Commonwealth Games were officially opened in Glasgow, Scotland.

Her Royal Highness, Queen Elizabeth opened the event to an estimated TV audience of 1billion worldwide, and more than 4,500 athletes, from 71 countries; nations and territories who will come together for a kilt raising 17 events, over eleven scorching Scottish summer days of competition.


Now, how on earth are you planning to keep up with all this glorious sporting action? If you said, stream it live at work, we would advise you keep reading, as you will probably be able to just watch it at home after your boss finds out. If you said, subscribe to around the clock updates from the official social channels of the games, then consider yourself amongst friends.

XX CWG Opening Ceremony

As far as any global event, particularly global sporting events, Twitter looks to be the gold medal favourite in this year’s games. With up-to-the-minute, social sharing capabilities, innovative hashtags and ‘official channel’ status sure to keep global spectators sharing in all the latest live updates from @Glasgow2014.

Having only opened less than 24hours ago, the games have already broken ground with #Glasgow2014, officially trending nationally in the UK, South Africa and New Zealand as well as twenty additional cities worldwide.

In a single moment, at 21:22 last night - 436 tweets were recorded as the #OpeningCeremony began trending worldwide. By the end of what some have described as, “a uniquely Scottish” ceremony, a total of 811 trends had occurred, from 22 different locations.

What with its capacity to capture the imagination and attention of the world, CWG2014 has already made a substantial mark on the Twittersphere. With 10 days to go, we wait with baited breath at the content, images and conversation that will be gracing our screens.


So there you have it, the Twentieth Commonwealth Games are now officially open. Day One is in full swing and we couldn’t be happier to report, if you haven’t already seen, England are leading the medal tally with 1 Gold and 1 Bronze. #LetsGoTeamEngland

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