This will be a short blog post, because I wrote it during my SEO infancy, when I could not find a short, concise answer to What Is The Difference Between Events and Goals in Google Analytics?

So here goes:

Events: User interactions with content on the site (ie: downloads of a brochure)

Goals: User completing an activity (ie: the submission of a form/making a purchase)

Still not clear?

Events are user interactions on the site which will not give you conversion insight, but rather insight into what your users are doing.

Goals are user activities, such as the submission of a form, which contributes directly to the business goals of the client (making money, receiving ‘sign ups’, etc.)

I wouldn't be lying if I said that every Avenue SEO Agency manager is stumped by this at the beginning of their careers!

I hope this helps answer the question of "What is the difference between Goals and Events in Google Analytics?" for you.

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