Google have unveiled a number of new features & changes which now makes ad extensions more powerful than ever, giving PPC even more SERP real estate.

All New Interactive Sitelinks

August has already seen Google overhaul sitelinks to become more mobile friendly by allowing mobile users to swipe side to side through sitelinks as a carousel rather than the previous list format. Now, Google has confirmed that you’ll be able to include up to 8 sitelinks alongside your ads across mobile and tablet devices thus giving advertisers the opportunity to provide the searcher with up to 8 ways to land on deeper, more relevant areas of the site directly from the SERP (Search Engine Results Page).

Call Extension Bid Adjustments

Whilst this change will make very little difference to the end user, for a lot of advertisers – it’s a big deal! Google has now given advertisers the opportunity to ensure call extensions are shown more frequently on their ads by having the ability to adjust bids based on the likelihood of the call leading to a conversion. This is going to especially powerful for businesses that rely heavily on closing sales over the phone such as a local service business, e.g. an emergency plumber or locksmith.

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