If you are someone producing reports regularly it can be frustrating to not know whether they are being read or understood. Thankfully if you are using Google’s Data Studio programme to produce your reports tracking interactions with them is no different to tracking website data. This guide gives a simple explanation of how to track your Google Data Studio reports in Google Analytics.

  1. Set up a report view in Google Analytics by creating a new Account
  2. Enter datastudio.google.com as the website to track
  3. Take the UA- code from the Google Analytics “Account Settings”
  4. Paste this UA-XXXXX-Y code into Google Data Studio in the field under “File” > “Report Settings” > “Google Analytics Tracking ID”
  5. Look back in your Google Analytics account under “Realtime” > “Overview” and you should see visits appearing when a page on the Data Studio report is viewed.
  6. To match up the pages look at the URL bar in the Data Studio report
  7. Each time you set up a new report, even if you are copying another one, you will need to put the UA code in.
  8. Give each report a new tracking ID if you want to keep your data separate for each report, or give them the same code if you want to track interactions across all reports
  9. You can set up goals, filter data and create segments for your report data as you would any other web property!

Report Settings is where you should paste in your Google Analytics tracking ID code

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