We’re very excited to have launched our new Avenue Digital website after months of tinkering and fine-tuning. We hope that you like the new look and feel as much as we do!

I’ve now been Marketing Director at Avenue for a full quarter, and in that time, I’ve been working hard to revitalise the brand. When I joined, we were lacking brand personality – yes, factually we were saying the right things, but we didn’t stand out and we weren’t representing the fun, collaborative and trusting spirit that lives within our agency. In an increasingly virtual world, what we crave are brands that give us human touch, emotion and truth, and that is what we will be providing going forwards.

We have refined and redefined our agency purpose: performance efficiency you can see. This is who we are and what defines us. We aim to deliver performance efficiency for all our clients, and we want this to be tangible and easy for them to see.

We have a series of brilliant proprietary agency tools that we have never shouted about before that allow us to deliver this consistently. The first provides all of our clients with a performance report that is linked through to their live campaigns and aggregates data in a visual, clear and concise way, which they can self-serve in real-time whenever they need.

Our second tool is redefining project management – using a timeline visual, clients can swipe left to see all work that has been completed and right to see all upcoming work. This really helps to give clarity on the work we’re doing and the value we’re adding for our clients.

Alongside our new website launch, you will see changes to our social channels to reflect our new branding and give you more of an insider taste of life at Avenue Digital – the exciting work we are doing with our clients, and the fun we are having as a team along the way.

We’re really excited for the next chapter of our brand as we step into a new decade and we look forward to sharing this with you!

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