There aren’t many platforms better than Pinterest for capturing the niche search intent of consumers, ranging from lifestyle to food, sport and home décor. Pinterest has just finished compiling the trends that it sees dominating this year.

We think it’s important to always keep abreast of these new and niche search trends as a bell weather for new keywords to work with – both from a paid and organic perspective.

Here are some of those that we see playing a role for our clients and prospective clients in the year ahead:

  • The term non-binary is in no way new and consumers are starting to look to introduce a less gender-centric approach to their lives, including the products that they consume, the way that they look and the way they decorate their homes. Unisex searches are on the up, spanning every child playrooms (+75%) and nurseries (+527%), fashion (+119%) and haircuts (+625%).
  • Pets truly are the extension of most families and spend on these much loved animals is high – the average dog owner spends £240 a month on their pooch. Finding the latest luxury for them is on the up with searches for pet resorts (+260%), pet fashion (+199%) and cakes for dogs (+167%) are all ranking highly for the year ahead.
  • Space themed is no longer reserved for this children’s party. Pinterest is reporting a big rise in planet themed make-up (+217%), constellation earrings (+112%) and space tattoos (+267%).
  • Sustainability is infiltrating every element of modern life, and the conscious consumer is extending this to travel, one of the least eco-friendly elements of the twenty first century. Train travel (+107%), zero waste travel products (+48%) and agritourism, or lending a hand on a farm (+57%), are some of the terms that have risen in popularity.

If you have questions about how any of these terms could fit into your PPC campaigns or SEO strategy then please get in touch.

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