Avenue Digital are pleased to announce their partnership with, and the launch of Ostens website, a new fragrance house and e-commerce site selling luxurious quality perfumes, all expertly designed using the highest legal concentration of carefully selected ingredients.

Ostens is born out of the creative partnership between Laurent Delafon and Chris Yu. Each carefully crafted scent, which uses IFF-LMR ingredients (International Flavour & Fragrances – Laboratoire Monique Rémy) has a ‘hero’ or central ode ingredient and is intended to take the wearer on a journey of scent and sensory wonderment. IFF-LMR is known for its quality, traceability and sustainability of natural ingredients, which are used throughout the perfume and scent industry.

Ostens have begun their journey with two types of product, ‘Impressions’ and ‘Préparations’. The impressions eau de parfums are an initial collection of six fragrances, with Delafon and Yu collaborating with some of the most accomplished and creative perfumers to develop them. The resulting fragrances are dramatic yet subtle and take the wearer on a nostalgic journey, ‘like smelling things for the first time, being immersed in the centre of vines and smelling the terroir. Natural but stripped back’. – Yu

Ostens' second launch product is their Préparations, a perfume oil which can be used alone as a scent or mixed with an Ostens Impression or other existing perfume. An Ostens Préparation can help to lift, deepen, invigorate, or quieten other fragrances. Each customer also receives a piece of artwork, bespoke to the product they are buying, created to personify and represent the journey and layers of each fragrance in a visual.

Avenue Digital are proud to have built and designed the new Ostens website and are continuing the relationship by launching their PPC campaign. Their website is now live.

Stuart Wells, Chief Executive has said: “We are thrilled to be partnering with Ostens on their digital marketing. Launching in the UK initially, we are well placed to drive revenue growth via organic and paid search channels. The Avenue PPC search team are rolling out on Google Shopping and Google Search initially to get traction, then moving into display, programmatic, and other channels like Bing and YouTube. Further down the line as International comes on board, we can start to leverage our translation services and localisation skills to ensure the campaigns have traction at a local level but as part as part of a global strategy. Watch this space."

Written by Alice Pelham

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