We at Avenue Digital love a great Google AdWords PPC Quality Score as much as we do engaging with exclusive clients in need of PPC Management.

In fact, we credit much of our successful PPC Management to how we utilise Quality Score to raise the profile of our clients AdWords campaigns.

Our identity helps us achieve this goal; as managers of high profile PPC AdWords Accounts and with London as our centre of culture, we at Avenue know how to combine the intricate with the technical and make it fresh, succinct, and be delivered within a London minute.

And yet, we are overtly aware that for great PPC accounts, quality score depends on how long the overall account has existed, and been active.

It is industry knowledge that Google AdWords PPC Quality Score is affected by the overall account. Specifically, although Google denies this, the length of time in which the account has been active influences Quality Score.

Which helps answer the question of why when your account is within its first month or two of being active, and after hours of data mining, researching keywords and competitors and perfecting your AdWords’ Ad Campaigns, you are feeling disheartened by the lack of Conversions your PPC adverts are returning for you.

Avenue Digital's PPC Managers understand this, and we work hand in hand with our clients to utilise this growing period to develop bespoke and intricate AdWords campaigns and advertisements. This helps us rigorously mine for data that in turn helps us with allocating the right detail, such as keywords, to the right advertisement.

PPC management is a fine art, and it takes a dedicated team to run each campaign in order for the Return On Investment (ROI) to be high through conversions.

Each and every Avenue Digital SEO and PPC Manager are aware of the effect of being precise in their PPC campaigns. Avenue PPC Management teams go so far as to split campaigns by acute details so the growth period that effects overall account quality score can be used to isolate what works, and what doesn’t.

This eventually works to raise the account, and advertisement, quality score. A good quality score means a higher position and less CPC.

At Avenue Digital we believe that successful PPC Management is dependent on a great quality score; it takes time, dedication, insight and patience but ultimately, for great ROI it is absolutely worth the wait.

About Avenue Digital

Avenue Digital was established in 2015 and has fast become a leading digital marketing agency, proving SEO, PPC Management, Social Media Management, and Umbraco Design and Build expertise. This strong growth has been achieved through a steady accumulation of consumer and professional service based clients and a significant strategic acquisition.

Existing Avenue clients include Rothesay Life, LPC Law, Convergen, Lomar, Venesta, Bureau Van Dijk, Mount Anvil, Benoy, Shrieve, GLH Hotels, Ella’s Kitchen, Levi Roots, Shop Direct, Farrell Clothing, Anna Freud Centre, and Blesma.

Although a specialist SEO agency in London, Avenue Digital is performance focused and a provider of digital marketing including:

• SEO Management
• PPC Management
• Social Media Management
• Umbraco Design & Build

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