“It’s the social network you’ve been waiting for” according to the creators behind the web’s latest network, Ello. As we roll into the second week of #ello mania, we take a look inside the 40,000 new users (and counting), that every hour receive or request their network invites.

Hello Ello…

It’s the invitation only network that has the internet buzzing. Founded on the bold philosophy that current social networks are owned by advertisers that track, record and convert every post your share, every friend you make and ever link you follow into advertising data.

And strictly speaking this is true; in order to flourish online, particularly within the growing social media business model, companies need to know (at the very basic level) your age, interests and sharing capabilities to create cost effective adverts.

However, Ello believes there is a better way to connect, create and celebrate life. Emphasising high quality content and easy connectivity with people you really care about, including friends and a carefully curated collection of some of their favourite posts from the Ello community, the user experience (in theory) leaves little to be desired.

The network goes on to list its offerings as audacious, simple, beautiful and ad-free services with private networking that is free to use and has a serious novelty factor to boost! Think a stripped back version of Tumblr meets Myspace circa early 2000's.

Goodbye Data-Driven Web Advertising...?

As with every new social network, we can’t help but let our inner sceptic take over. How will they look to compete with established networks? And how do they plan to keep their promises on user privacy and to never deceive, coerce or manipulate us into becoming the product ourselves?!

Never mind the inevitable bugs and updating of ‘terms and conditions’ that are sure to follow. But, there is a glimmer of hope as the Ello features section reveals - updates to the sites build being rolled out, with an additional list of features ‘coming soon’ that has us very excited.

We see great things in the future for this little network that could, at this point only time will tell if it really can compete with the acquisition hungry seasoned social players! In the meantime, have you received your invite yet?

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