A couple of weeks late coming, but we’ve collated a round-up of some of our top trends and predictions for 2020 across both organic and paid search.

Image search on the up

This certainly isn’t new, but it’s something that is starting to really come into maturity across both SEO and PPC. We’ll see more accuracy to image search processing this year, which will mean new strategies to ensure creative is entirely accurate, as well as correctly tagged and optimised.

Natural language processing taking shape

We’ll see a rise in the accuracy of natural language processing and the delivery of results based on that, but as we’ve argued previously, don’t go throwing all of your search budget into voice just yet!

Automation already well on the way to maturity

With machine learning will come a rise in automated ad copy across paid, not to mention automated bids. We suspect that the days of manual bids are now somewhat numbered.

With this, we expect to see also a rise in CPCs, pretty inevitable as we start to lose control of our bids.

New approach to old channels

As has always been the case, SEO is not constrained to just Google and Bing. We have the ability to optimise our content to any media with a search functionality. This year will see the rise of competition and strategy within diverse channels such as YouTube, and the App Store.

Of course, with some channels such as the App Store, there will be a need to optimise and integrate from point of launch, so the emphasis on considering SEO from the get-go should increase.

New channels

From a paid perspective, we continue to see WeChat go from strength to strength, and any brands with ambitious within APAC should definitely be considering investment strategy here. We also see the likes of TikTok start to gain traction and brands targeting a younger audience would do well to consider how this fits into marketing plans this year and beyond.

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