One beautiful Sunday morning, a few active guys from Avenue Digital went down to the River Neris to join a small group of activists and around two thousand other Lithuanian’s, for the annual clean-up event called, ‘Let’s Do It’.

About the Event

It’s no secret that our environmental consciousness throughout the world is gradually changing, with more and more people paying closer attention to environmental issues and the clean-up efforts involved. The ‘Let’s Do It’ campaign, was born several years ago in Estonia as a voluntary initiative, which has spread around the world. This joint initiative has now become a poster child for environmental best practice, having been officially declared by the Europe Union as the event of spring. Since its launch across the EU, it has brought together many countries within Europe. But now, having dominated the European stage, it has gone global to include more than 100 countries from all around the world –World Cleanup: Let’s clean the world together.

Let’s Do It

We spent a couple of hours walking down the foreshore of Neris, collecting garbage. And boy, there was lots of it! Plastic bags, plastic bottles, glass particles, paper, metal cans, rubber tyres and other matter which is not supposed to be a part of nature. More than 2,000 tons of garbage was collected during the event!


I was fortunate enough to be a part of the event and felt like those couple of hours passed by in a flash. There was no tiredness at all, just excitement and good emotions among the crowd of volunteers. Even though we were in a very different environment, we still worked well together as a team and it was great to get in touch with other people who share the same values.

It’s All In The Attitude

As a digital agency, we care about the products we build. We also care about the quality of delivery and strive to ensure clients are impressed. At Avenue Digital, we are crazy about creativeness and the thrill of a new challenge. We make beautiful designs, we write clean code and we leave no loose ends after the project is completed. And most importantly we care about our clients, their happiness and their success.

With this in mind, we also hope that these attitudes are reflected not only within the agency, but within our personal lives too. That is why we need to care about looking after the environment around us - we are a part of it. We are responsible for the world we live in, be it virtual or real and we are able to make significant changes in our daily lives that will ultimately affect the environment we live in. We can change the world! We already do it and we will keep doing this…hopefully for the better.



What Next?

Let’s Do It, will be held again this year in the United Kingdom. We as a digital agency would like to encourage everyone to join us and contribute to the world around us, for the better. Come along and check out how you can make a difference, on September 13, 2014 for Let’s Do It UK.

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