Social media relies on a great balance between information and connectivity. The ability to inform about a product or service whilst making the connection with the user based on social custom relies on having knowledge about the culture surrounding, and within reach, of the brand.

Recently, Adobe released a limited line of clothing featuring stock images the internet and designers love to hate. This line of clothing is uniting fashionable memes and culturally accepted views with a limited edition product.

However, the purpose of the clothing line is to promote Adobe Stock, Adobe’s own stock photo source that comes as part of their Creative Cloud package.

What Adobe has done is to make this clothing line shareable. The attention bestowed upon the campaign automatically promotes Adobe Stock, and makes it appealing to a specific target audience, whilst users will share the content for irony and humour.

The campaign has been shared by top media outlets such as The Huffington Post, Bored Panda, Ad Week and Hypebeast as well as a slew of creative and design publications.

Although Adobe’s campaign is able to be shared on a mass scale, it should inspire ways in which brands can find accessible ways to share content, instead of bluntly promoting a product.

Connectivity should be the basis of all social media management, with information on top. Cold, callout heavy media will not get attention, however offering your audience something fun, shareable, and interesting will help generate leads and increase KPI’s.

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