Lomar Shipping was founded in 1976 by Michael Logothetis and 40 years on, now part of Libra Group's multinational conglomerate empire and still owned by the Logothetis family, the shipping subsidiary has launched a new website modernising its digital communications in the global shipping market.

The new Lomar Shipping website stamps authority in the market, with the company's 40 year history providing weight behind the content, combined with the latest news which communicates Lomar's currently expanding fleet as it continues to invest for the eighth year running, acquiring ships and committing to new ship builds around the world.

The ship-owning and ship management group now has a diversified fleet of almost 80 vessels and showcasing this on the website was of significant importance to the client, to invite leasing enquiries and international shipping trade leads for construction and repairs through to vessel adaptations and crewing.

New Homepage New Fleet Page

Lomar Homepage

The website showcases the latest in website design and best practice, as a fully-responsive solution. The imagery in each of the web page banners is strikingly strong and interesting, the fleet page looks bold and clean, and the filter functionality enables quick searching of relevant vessels for users. Running on the Umbraco CMS, the Libra Group manages the content autonomously, across all pages, from the homepage to the latest news and individual ship detail pages.

With the more contemporary website, built to SEO best practice too, we anticipate greater side-wide performance and will be continuing to work with Libra Group to review the Google Analytics and Enecto codes to track web leads and to continue refining the digital strategy to keep Lomar Shipping ahead in competitive waters.

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