When discussing Google Algorithm updates, all SEO Managers feel as if they are in search of the Lost City of Atlantis. The reason for that is Google, who continually aims to improve the user experience of its SERP’s , is notoriously quiet when changing the algorithms it uses to index sites and recall them for a search users query.

The best SEO agency in the world understands that monitoring Google’s algorithm changes is key (quay?) to navigating the choppy seas Google creates when it upsets the natural order of things.

However, the best SEO agency also knows that keeping good quality, highly relevant content and meta details is the key to being a steady ship during any Google Storm. Our SEO Managers at Avenue like to use MozCast and our own Fathom data to analyse these storms.

When you are searching for your ‘SEO Agency London’ you need to be confident that your London SEO agency is brave enough to breach the safety of the un-optimised shore and sail steady and true towards the land of ROI and Lead Conversions.

Google Algorithms certainly effect how one ranks and what they rank for. Keeping human friendly quality content is not only registered by Google, but registered by the humans who read it, who in turn refrain from bouncing off of the page.

Google likes this.

So don’t forget; human quality content is preferred over an over optimised whirlpool of words and pictures quite obviously aimed at selling something. The best SEO Agencies like algorithm updates because it keeps the work interesting, and helps to remove blackhat SEO tragedies which some still think so vital to their SEO Causes.

Keep it simple, and the ocean of Google Algorithms may rage around you, but you will be safe throughout it all.

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Avenue Digital was established in 2015 and has fast become a leading digital marketing agency, proving SEO, PPC Management, Social Media Management, and Umbraco Design and Build expertise. This strong growth has been achieved through a steady accumulation of consumer and professional service based clients and a significant strategic acquisition.

Existing Avenue clients include Rothesay Life, LPC Law, Convergen, Lomar, Venesta, Bureau Van Dijk, Mount Anvil, Benoy, Shrieve, GLH Hotels, Ella’s Kitchen, Levi Roots, Shop Direct, Farrell Clothing, Anna Freud Centre, and Blesma.

Although a specialist SEO agency in London, Avenue Digital is performance focused and a provider of digital marketing including:

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