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Louis Ayre

PPC Manager

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Louis is a PPC manager at Avenue Digital. Louis works closely with clients, understanding exactly what they want from their PPC campaigns, and reports to clients using a number of specialised reporting tools. Louis has been passionate about business and marketing since a young age and has run a variety of money-making ventures between the ages of seven and 20. At 20, Louis’s own marketing business which he had been running for four years was acquired by a competitor. Over the last five years then he has honed his paid advertising skills and knowledge, working across a range of industries such as automotive, travel, retail, finance and law. Louis enjoys the real-time return that can be generated from paid advertising, where any change can have an immediate effect on performance.

Louis is excited to see how the paid advertising industry is going to evolve in the near future. He believes automation techniques and AI will continue to play a large part in the targeting and optimisation of campaigns. Louis has also written a number of articles for Avenue Digital. See his work below.

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