Tangle Teezer

International SEO & SEO migration

Courtney Johnson
Ecommerce Manager
Tangle Teezer
"I would really recommend Avenue. We're really impressed with the progress they have made so far, as well as the enthusiasm they have for our brand, and can't wait to continue working with them."


Tangle Teezer have been brushing past the competition in the British hair care industry. The brand is primarily known for its range of clever hair detangling products, that have allowed them to build up an impressive customer base and a global influencer network. They have provided a solution for people all around the world struggling with uncooperative hair, including the likes of Kiera Knightley, Zoella, Rita Ora and many more.

Tangle Teezer came to us after hitting a knot in their SEO strategy. The brief we were given was focused on achieving local SEO and international SEO core objectives, which were to increase revenue in both the UK and US, increase visibility of the full Tangle Teezer product range in the organic search results, and finally create educational content around the latest hot topics within hair care and beauty, as well as frequently asked questions.

How We Helped
Tangle Teezer
Reach New Audiences.

We started our journey with Tangle Teezer by auditing their site to identify strengths and weaknesses in their CMS platform. We identified issues with the current CMS platform, which were preventing indexation and ranking of key pages. We made recommendations to improve the technical foundation of the website, which resulted in an investigation into alternative CMS solutions.

Extensive keyword research and auditing of the site revealed that we could make significant improvements to the relevancy of the category and product pages. We jumped straight into making these improvements by optimisation of key landing pages, which included reviewing keywords, improving internal linking to key pages, and improving overall site copy to encourage better rankings and increased purchases.


Following our overhaul of the key landing pages, our recommendations for improved technical performance, and our guidance around the creation of new copy, Tangle Teezer had seen impressive improvements that helped them reach new audiences:

Global organic search traffic up 21%
Site transactions by organic search visitors up 62%
Revenue generated through organic search traffic up 79%
Brand visibility in organic search results for key search terms up 41%

Ready To Reach New Audiences?


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