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Thank you and the team very much for helping us to get ramped up in the Paid Search & Shopping world, huge improvements during this year, the team is great!

Philipp Mensch
COO, Growth & Strategy Manager



Luca Faloni sources the finest materials from prestigious Italian producers and partners with skilled artisans to craft their collection of luxury menswear.

Having built a solid foundation across their international stores in the retail environment, Luca Faloni had only just started to leverage paid advertising to drive online sales.

Keen to expand, their focus was on scaling to new international regions whilst maintaining a healthy ROAS.


Our strategy was built around Google Shopping – due to the premium price point of Luca Faloni’s products, we leveraged Google Shopping heavily as it allowed us to generate qualified traffic from users with intent to purchase.

We focused on the UK first, optimising product titles and reviewing search terms, before leveraging Smart Shopping to expand our reach into new territories such as the US, Italy, Germany and France.

The use of Smart Shopping allowed us to easily scale up the account in line with our agreed KPIs.


Once we had identified the key areas territories to target, it was then time to start scaling. Year on year spend was scaled up by 2,095%, which lead to an even greater 2,617% uplift in revenue.

Due to our well optimised campaigns we were able to increase conversion rate by 38% year on year, meaning our ROAS also increased by 24%.

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