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Digital Marketing Manager, Mint Velvet

"We’re really pleased with Avenue and how they’ve completely re-structured our paid search and shopping activity, providing greater control over budget allocation across our campaigns for periods of high demand."


Mint Velvet have reached an exciting point in their journey by becoming one of the leading UK Women’s fashion retailers. With their brand promise of relaxed glamor, they are reaching women shoppers all over the UK who were looking for an unmistakably British brand. They offer their expansive collection of trendy outfits either online or through their 40 high street stores.

When ROAS and growth became stagnant, Mint Velvet needed a creative and experienced performance agency to help them reach new audiences with paid search, paid social and shopping campaigns.

The objectives were clear: increase revenue growth, expand brand awareness, and bring in new audiences.

How We Helped
Mint Velvet Reach
New Audiences.

With our senior and highly experienced team, we quickly identified areas in the Mint Velvet Legacy campaign structure that were not achieving maximum productivity and reach. We wanted to create a new strategy that could help Mint Velvet kick start their ROAS and company growth again.

We started implementing this new strategy by splitting their budget and activity into two distinct opportunities:

The first opportunity involved ways in which we could take approximately 80% of the client’s budget and achieve the same or better performance with a reduced investment.

The second opportunity involved ways in which we could take the remaining 20% of the client’s budget to devise news ways to grow the account throughout all 3 phases of the purchase funnel.

We achieved these opportunities with Mint Velvet by:

Restructuring Their Google Shopping
We restructured Mint Velvet’s shopping campaigns to allow budget to be allocated to specific categories. This allowed us to quickly increase activity whilst keeping the spending low across lower performing campaigns.

Restructuring Their Branded Search
We restructured Mint Velvet’s brand search activity into single keyword ad groups. This enabled us to take a more controlled approach to each keyword and bid, as well as ensuring the ad-copy for each keyword was highly relevant. Almost instantly the client saw significant improvements in their quality score, resulting in much lower CPCs and higher CTRs.

Displaying Ad Placements
Prior to us taking over the account, Mint Velvet had only achieved a handful of display placements convert. Our experience meant we knew we needed to test display ads specifically across these converting placements to find greater performance efficiencies.

Working on New Gmail Campaigns
We launched new Gmail campaigns with seasonal sales, to help target prospecting and retention audiences, all whilst generating a new record ROAS for Mint Velvet’s display channels in the process.


The new strategy our teams implemented meant Mint Velvet’s campaign performance reached highs of 745% ROAS across shopping, and a decrease in costs per click of 69% was achieved.

When Covid forced retail locations to close, that did not stop us from achieving our objectives. We were able to use this industry wide change to our advantage and achieved an increase in Mint Velvet’s performance across both shopping and search, as well as reach new audiences across the Google network.

These results were possible with Mint Velvet having had hands on support from our different teams for quarterly strategy meetings, monthly performance meetings, and weekly reporting video calls to provide analysis and further recommendations for their paid media and shopping campaigns.

They were also able to make quick and efficient decisions as they had direct access to our senior experts through real-time chat in Teams, and 24/7 visibility on campaign data and reporting through our cutting-edge reporting platform.

ROAS up 173%
CTR up 253%
CPC down 69%
Cost/Conv down 60%

Impression share up 17%
Sales up 110%
Revenue up 92%
Clicks up 125%
CPC down 21%

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