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Our paid media team is built to help ambitious ecommerce retailers and brands looking to scale and grow by reaching new audiences. We offer management of paid media strategies, alongside ongoing optimisations and actionable recommendations for ecommerce growth.

A typical paid media management service could include:

Google Shopping

One of the largest growth opportunities for most online retailers, and since the very start this has been our key specialism. Our team are experts in both management of Shopping activity and product feeds, ensuring you appear on as many relevant ecommerce queries as possible. Find out more.

Paid Search

Our analytical and agile approach to paid search management has consistently helped us to drive efficient ROI while scaling accounts. Whether that be through testing ad copy, to building best practice structures or maximising traffic through smart remarketing methodology. Find out more.

Paid Social

Our specialist knowledge across all the major social channels has helped our clients to establish social as a core marketing channel across Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, TikTok and more. From using clever targeting to advising on impactful creative, our team will help ensure you successfully reach both passive shoppers as well as those already expressing an interest in your brand. Find out more.

Amazon Advertising

Over recent years, Amazon has massively stepped up its advertising efforts, and this represents a huge opportunity for our clients. We provide a host of services around Amazon advertising – from full management of the account, to providing auditing services, keyword discovery, product effectiveness analysis and consultancy & training. Find out more.

YouTube & Display

Whether it be promoting a new collection launch, re-engaging your audience or reaching new audiences, through YouTube and Google’s display network we can help drive enormous reach for your brand. Our team will advise on asset creation and format, build out tailored audiences and campaigns and help to get your ads on the right placements.

Our team is made of paid media consultants specialised in ecommerce and led-gen brands. We can help accelerate your growth with data-led targeting, impactful content creation and our unique Avenue approach, across paid social, paid search, shopping and SEO.

Paid Media

Strategic Leadership

Experienced Experts 
Our senior team have extensive experience that spans decades of delivering high performing marketing camapigns. Both nationally and internationally. 

12 Month Roadmap
We'll be charting the path ahead, mapping out month by month what the year ahead will look like. We take you from where you are today, to where you want to be in 12 months time, forecasting out how we're going to take you there. 

Test and Learn
Paid media optimisation is best achieved through an aggressive paid and learn approach. We'll be constantly testing, analysing, and retesting.

Information Transparency

Direct Access
All clients have direct access to our senior experts, on the phone, via emails, on Teams or Slack chats. No account management getting in the way.

Regular Reporting
We deliver weekly, bi-weekly and monthly reporting, on our bespoke reporting platform 'Fathom' highlighting insights, and providing proactive strategic recommendations.

Task Management
All our team and client tasks are aligned in one effective project management platform that you can access 24/7 to see where we're at with things. Nothing gets lost.

Experienced Specialists

Remote First 
We employ conscientious, enthusiastic, adventurous and energetic people who help ensure our paid social  clients reach new audiences.

Paid Media Partners

Paid Media

Below are some of the ambitious ecommerce brands like Mint Velvet, Luca Faloni and RIXO who choose to work with us, to help drive their paid media.

Ready To Reach New Audiences?


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