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Ellie Read
Head of Ecommerce, Ciate London

“Avenue have made some great strategic decisions and we have a much clearer approach going into our busiest season.”


Now a global colour cosmetics giant that is sold in over 22 countries, Ciate London has maintained their status of an indie brand within the booming beauty industry. Known for pushing the boundaries with their innovative formulations and iconic nail products, they have gained a loyal international following.

After hitting a creative block with their content, Ciate London wanted a fresh, creative and impactful perspective, that brought an energetic and colourful energy to their brand. A brief our team knew we could achieve to help their paid social, paid search, and shopping campaigns reach new audiences.

With this in mind, we moved forward to drive Ciate’s revenue growth in the UK & US through PPC and paid social, while delicately balancing a consistently low cost per conversion figure.

Our objectives were to increase revenue in the UK & US, increase conversions in the UK & US, and maintain a consistently low cost per conversion.

How We Helped
Ciate London Reach New

Our experienced paid social and paid search teams quickly identified patterns and trends within the Ciate London Google Tag Manager and Analytics accounts. We knew that a new strategy was needed to help split activity into a more granular approach, that would give us an end-to-end visibility of the customers’ purchase journey.

Paid Search and Google Shopping UK & US
We ran fresh paid search campaigns across the UK and US, and introduced an impactful approach to Google Shopping, that focused on branded keyword activity to drive effective and efficient search traffic.

Paid Social UK & US
We used extensive data analytics to understand Ciate’s London current performance. We also set up creative and unique remarketing campaigns across Facebook and Instagram to help re-engage customers’ who were bouncing prior to purchase.

The excitement from the success of the campaigns meant we could extend our ads to interest targeting and lookalike audience targeting.


After launching the new strategy for Ciate London’s campaigns, we saw immense potential in Paid Social for both the UK and the US. After launching the new strategy for Ciate London’s campaigns, we saw immense potential in paid social for both the UK and the US. From the start Ciaté London had hands on support from our different teams, as well as direct access to our senior experts. This support allowed them to make efficient and quick decisions that lead to dramatic improvements in their performance across PPC, Paid social and Google Shopping.

The improvements we implemented helped them achieve their fast growth objectives of driving increased revenue and conversions, whilst having kept cost per conversion low.

We saw the following impressive performance results:

Sales up 241%
Revenue up 216%
Clicks up 258%

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