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“Avenue are a pleasure to work with – the account team is consistent and committed, and they take the time to get to know the business requirements. It’s refreshing to work with the same team for a prolonged period of time to help grow the marketing channels, and their breadth of knowledge enabled us to tackle lots of activities whilst we were scaling".


Some of the best business ideas can start in your living room. Best friends Henrietta Rix and Orlagh McCloskey started their RIXO adventure in their London living room, with an idea to evoke wanderlust and free spirit in all their designs of clothing.

RIXO had a basic account structure when we began working together but had only dipped their toes in Google Ads. Now fast-becoming one of the most popular fashion brands they were ready to reach new audiences and expand their brand in the UK and internationally. They came to us with the objective of implementing an ecommerce growth strategy to help scale their activity across Paid Search and Smart Shopping.

How We Helped
RIXO reach new

Using our best practice methods from our Avenue approach, we started implementing the new strategy by:

Optimising Their Shopping
We carried out multiple feed optimisations, including exclusion of low-price products, exclusion of low stock or fragmented stock items, product title optimisations, creating custom labels for various categories including bestsellers and exclusive products. We implemented a 2 campaign Smart Shopping structure to scale reach and revenue via RIXO’s key and current bestsellers, while still applying focus to other catalogue items.

We implemented value-based bidding strategies including target CPA or target ROAS depending on campaign goal to maximise profitability, reporting on best/worst performing products on a weekly basis to ensure budget is optimally spent, scaled activity into Ireland, and planned for further international expansion in 2023

Improving Their Brand Search
Our strategy for Brand Search was to decrease cost of traffic while improving visibility amongst competitors. This meant that by improving Brand Search’s campaign quality and with thorough bid management, we increased RIXO’s impression share while reducing cost per click. Whilst we helped grow RIXO’s online presence, their search volumes also increased.


Our reviewing and reporting approach meant RIXO had hands on support from our senior experts to provide them with weekly reporting and calls to review their performance, quarterly strategy reviews, monthly forecasting and reporting on KPI’s to identify areas of growth and keep in line with RIXO’s internal business goals.

The new strategy our teams implemented helped RIXO increase ROAS by 292%, decrease their cost per click by 38%, grow their digital presence, boost their number of new customers, and increase revenue through paid marketing.

We put RIXO on the launch pad, and consistently exceeded our working growth targets:

Revenue up 1,592%
Sales up 1,001%
ROAS up 292%
CPC down 38%
CPS down 61%

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