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  1. The Challenge


    Tangle Teezer is a British hair care brand, primarily known for their range of innovative hair detangling products. Boasting an impressive customer base across the world including influencers such as Kiera Knightley, Zoella, Rita Ora and many more.

    Tangle Teezer approached Avenue to pitch for their Paid Advertising as they were unhappy with the returns currently being achieved by these channels. Heavily reliant on branded activity, the brand was keen to maximise their return on investment from new customers, whilst maintaining a profitable margin.

  2. The Solution


    Our strategy initially focused on realising the full potential of the lower funnel activity, where users have shown a higher intent to convert. These users were targeted through remarketing across search, display and social platforms. Dynamic product ads were utilised to re-engage cart abandoners.

    From there, the focus moves up the funnel from the consideration phase through to brand awareness.

    Look-a-like audiences were configured based on Tangle Teezer’s previous customers as a method to target relevant users who may not yet have heard of the brand. These users were served with engaging creatives that encouraged click-through.

  3. The Result



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